Venue Timer

The Venue Timer lets you setup and control a Timer for your Event.

Every Location has its own Timer-ID and can be controlled individually.
The Time is a local readout. Means a Speaker in an other country will see his local time and date in the standard view.
The Page is availlable from anywhere so you can share the timer URL and control the timer in another venue.

Have fun with it 😉

> Go to Venue Timer <

Personalize it:

There are options to personalize your timer to what is needed.

  • When you create a new Location or edit one, you can choose between dark and bright mode.
    So either with black background and white letters or with white background and black letters.
  • After you’ve created a new speaking-time you can edit several settings by selecting edit in the list.
    – Edit the text above the countdown to e.g. the event starts in:
    – Edit the End-Message (Standard is EXPIRED) to e.g. 00:00:00 or something like GO!
    – Switch the visualisation color bar at the bottom on or off.